Tree Photographs by Kay Ekwall

Kay's Tree Top Tripping



A Symbol of Hope

In the foreground, an old, gnarled tree, covered with lichen and mosses
and yet its limbs reach out to the sky, still with the promise of spring,
new buds covering old branches, pink and beautiful.

Our flag, which stands for freedom to so many, flying high behind it....
waving in the wind, not faltering, sending out the message we live by...

May our flag always wave

over the home of the free

and the brave!

The brave now are all those who are standing together,
shoulder to shoulder for the rights of all people!

Let Feedom Ring throughout our land, as in days of the beginning,
not just for any single race, or gender or culture or religion,
but for all Gods creations, great and small!





Ancient Oak in California


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